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Enabling Participation

LEAP Occupational Therapy provides a variety of services for people living on the North West Coast of Tasmania. We operate from central locations to ensure accessibility for participants across the North West Coast.

LEAP Occupational Therapy is a boutique service that has been developed to provide people with support based on the framework of Occupational Therapy. LEAP pride themselves on delivering evidence based, person centred practice that focusses on improving functional performance across all ages and developmental stages.

As a boutique service the Operational Team at LEAP are available to participants, their families and support staff which ensures the service remains flexible to the needs of the people we support.

How do we work with people?

  • Day Service
  • Transitional Accommodation
  • Coordination of Supports
  • Support Provision
  • Clinical Therapy
  • Positive Behaviour Support

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LEAP have a 6 week rotating program for people to experience a variety of activities in their local area whilst being supported to develop peer relationships in their local community. All activities have a skill development component attached so as to ensure all participants have an opportunity to increase their independence. All programs are approved by an Occupational Therapist to ensure participants get the most out of the programs as possible. LEAP provide group based day support 9am to 3pm Monday to Friday.

Coordination of Supports

LEAP have established relationships with services across the North West Coast of Tasmania and the local National Disability Insurance Scheme Agency. LEAP are able to take your NDIS plan and put it into action ensuring you receive quality service provision that is reflective of your individual needs and goals. LEAP have qualified clinicians with Social Worker and Occupational Therapy backgrounds to provide this service to ensure that your coordination of service is of the best quality.

1:1 Support

LEAP have a team of experienced support workers that can provide 1:1 supports in the home or community. All 1:1 supports are encouraged to have a skill development element to ensure maximisation of independence for all LEAP’s participants.


LEAP currently have supported accommodation located in Ulverstone. Each resident is provided with an Independent Living Scale Assessment completed by an Occupational Therapist. Living Scale Assessment are made up of five subscales:


  • Memory & Orientation
  • Managing Money
  • Managing Home & Transportation
  • Health & Safety
  • Social Adjustment


LEAP’s Occupational Therapist then consults with the individual and nominated persons to develop skill development programs that best fit the person to ensure they gain independence when at home and in the community. Where identified as being required LEAP will work with the person to develop compensatory strategies to build independence.

Supported Accommodation (Residential Group Home)

LEAP provide supported accommodation for people requiring standard to complex support. LEAP’s supported accommodation can be a permanent placement or transitional based on assessment of functional performance and long term support needs. If you are interested in working for us please email us at admin@leapocc.com for further information.

Maximising Independence

contact LEAP TODAY

Maximising Independence

contact LEAP TODAY

Therapeutic Services

LEAP have extensive experience providing people with clinical assessments and therapeutic support. Therapeutic Supports include;

  • Occupational Therapy Functional Assessment
  • Sensory Profile/Assessment
  • Behaviour Support Practice
  • Psychological Therapy & Intervention
  • Autism early intervention



Anthea Collins

Role: Occupational Therapist


Anthea is an Occupational Therapist with over 19 years’ experience working in the Disability Sector as well as Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Adult Mental Health Services as a Senior Occupational Therapist. Anthea specialises in dual diagnosis providing assessment and developing specialist support for people living with complex needs such as dysregulated behaviour due to their disability or mental health diagnosis. Anthea focusses on functional gain and increase in quality of life when developing support plans and/or making recommendations for ongoing support provision.

Anthea is registered to provide Better Access to Mental Health Services, Medicare and NDIS funded clinical services. Anthea is an independent consultant for Psychology CAFFE in Latrobe and Ulverstone providing both Psychological and Occupational Therapy services for all ages.

Jean Soyer

Role: Program Manager


Jean has over 30 years’ experience managing support services in the Disability Sector including respite, residential, community based and group based support. Jean’s knowledge and passion for her work has been acknowledged from participants and their families across the North West Coast of Tasmania and interstate.

Paul Collins

Role: Director


Paul has been working in the Disability Sector for 12 years as a Support Worker, Residential Coordinator and Coordinator of Intensive Support Services. Paul has been working for the past two years as a NDIS provider for LEAP and has a strong knowledge of NDIS systems and service provision on the North West Coats of Tasmania.

Occupational Therapy – Living Life to It’s fullest

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Occupational Therapy – Living Life to It’s fullest

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